Thursday, 18 August 2016

There is so much to be done on a single theme. Take collections for example.
If you collect items, you are a collector and hopefully you have built up a rich collection.

Grammar: Tenses
Present Simple
Do you collect anything?
Present Perfect Continuous
How long have you been collecting …………….?
Present Perfect Simple
How many ………………….. have you collected so far?
Present Continuous
Are you searching for anything in particular at the moment?
Past Simple
How many items of your collection did you sell last year?

Word groups
pebbles, rounded, rough, angular, smooth,
beach, deserted, isolated, remote, frequented
arrangement, design, mosaic

Ancient Greeks voted with pebbles. They deposited their pebble in one of two urns to indicate their choice.

One might want to take collections to a metaphorical level. I will share a poem I wrote some time ago:


i collect dreams
keep them in jars
like kids keep their teeth
under their pillows

one day i'll make
something out of them
something dazzling
something to compare
to your crystalline universe...

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