Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Story of a Poem

A poem is a delicate entity with its own story of creation. It is conceived in circumstances unknown to the reader and it ceases to belong to its creator once it has been published. It is the possession of all those who will read it, to do as they like with it, to make what they will of it. It becomes enmeshed in their own life and circumstances or it is destined to demise on a crumpled sheet of paper or in a niche of the Big (not always Friendly) Giant: the internet.
It is with full awareness of these facts that I post this:

Story of a Poem
Out of the fathomless
Depths of the mind
I emerge

Word by painful word

Eager to touch
Noticed but by a few
Indifferent to most

Into obscurity I drown
Whence I came
A diaphanous Non-Entity

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