Saturday, 26 November 2016

How to introduce an element of surprise in your class

I often find texts in course books dull or lifeless. So I like to add a personal touch here and there. What follows is a text I wrote along with some follow-up activities to challenge bored students away from their gadgets.

Methodological questions include:
·       What level is the text aimed at?
The answer is roughly above level B2 and of course it depends on your students.
·       How do I present the text?
You could read it out or let your students read it to themselves.
Alternatively you could challenge the students by leaving some gaps to be filled with the right words. Those could be words which reveal the identity of the “I” (corridors, roof, fa├žade, shutters, paint)
The question to be asked after the first read is who is “I”.
·       The students could be invited to think of a title.
A suggestion is: If a house could speak
·       The students could engage in creative writing. What would a …………………. say if it could speak?
It could be a mountain, a tree, a butterfly, a snake: the possibilities are endless.

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