Saturday, 5 November 2016


Winter has just set in for all of us in the northern hemisphere. I feel the chill in my bones and the dark spreads relentlessly leaving little space for dream-mongering. Body and soul put up token resistance against the rule of nature, but I soon let go, fortifying myself with fabrications of the summer gone and the light that will be again.
Here is a fabrication of mine:

A summer night’s vision

The drifting moon
Was gazing down
A seamless blue
The sleepless sea
A swelling lull
The slightest signs
Of life subdued
In its arms
An eerie stillness
The cosmos ruled

A trail of dreams
Wrestling free
Like sailing boats
Under a breath of wind
Their skyward course
Across the nightly cloth
With eagerness pursued

The restless vision
A flight of fancy
In its inception
A  ruthless rift
Insidiously wrought
In the nocturnal harmony

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